Once Sportwool, Always Sportwool

Tired of smelly synthetic fibres and sweaty cotton polo shirts? Then you need Sportwool!

Sportwool is a functional knitted material made of 100% extra fine merino wool on the inside and 100% polyester on the outside. This unique combination gives you a number of advantages:

  • Effective transport of moisture - keeping it away from your skin
  • A drier and cooler micro-climate between skin and clothes
  • Natural odour protection
  • Natural regulation of temperature
  • UV protection

Available in 4 colour resistant colours

Four practical reasons to choose Sportwool

Compared to a cotton product, Sportwool is a relatively expensive material... but not in the long run! With Sportwool, you get value for money with regard to functionality as well as comfort and durability.

Furthermore, Sportwool has some practical advantages that make it very suitable for uniforms and profile wear:

  1. Dries quickly after washing
  2. Crease-resistant - no need for ironing
  3. Great colour stability - no difference between new and old polo shirts among the staff
  4. The same appearance regardless of differences in how the product is treated/cared for

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